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1. Update Your Business Hours

(Your website, Facebook, Google My Business etc)

Most customers see your online presence as a single source of truth.

That's why the top of our marketing checklist is all about ensuring that all of your public information is up-to-date

Just imagine how frustrating it would be for someone to visit your store and find that it’s closed...

...or worse, not visit you at all because they don’t realise you’re open! 

Every now and then, you might need to manually change your work hours.

Maybe you needed to close early, or perhaps there was a public holiday.

It can be easy to forget to switch them back, so go check them now!

2. Update Your Contact Info

(Your website, Facebook, Google My Business etc)

Things change, and people leave, phone numbers and email addresses change, so nows a great time to run a quick check that all of your contact information is still up-to-date!

Sounds simple, yes?

You’ll be surprised by how many businesses lose customers because of a bounced email.

3. Refresh your GMB Listing

(add some new photos!)

Business directions on an iphoneBe honest.

When was the last time you had a look at your Google My Business listing? 

A lot of businesses treat GMB like a set-and-forget tool, but it actually works best when you treat it like another sociam media channel.

It’s a direct line to customers who are searching for your business, so why not let them know what you’ve been up to?

For small businesses, Google My Business is a powerful tool for reaching a local audience who are searching for you...right now! 

Which is why we mention it three times in our marketing checklist.

4. Update Your Facebook Header

(How long has it been, Mary?)

Have you changed your messaging over the last few months? 

Perhaps you have a sale on, or you’re running a specific campaign.

Use your Facebook banner to let your customers know.

This is an easy way to bring awareness because it shows up in the newsfeed like a normal post, and it’s a great way to make new customers aware when they come to your Facebook page.

5. Run an Audit on Your Website

(It's totally free!)

Now, there are tons of free tools you can use to run a quick audit of your site.

Google Lighthouse Performance Report

Any agency that tries to pitch this as a free service they offer is trying to hoodwink you!

In fact, Google Chrome now has a tool called Lighthouse which runs a fairly extensive audit completely free from your browser.

Any good auditing tool will give you a simple digital marketing checklist of simple technical changes you can make to help improve the performance of your site (and it's overall SEO performance).

The list might also include some more technical suggestions - unless you have the know-how to do these, just focus on the small changes you can make...because something is better than nothing!

6. Brainstorm 10 New Social Posts

(...and save them for later)

Sometimes all you need is 30 minutes of quiet time to brainstorm a few new social media posts.

It’s always great to have some posts in reserves - there’s nothing worse than the feeling of having to come up with posts under pressure.

Here’s a super simple spreadsheet you can use to jot down your ideas.

7. Set up an Email Campaign [BONUS]

(...and save them for later)

Maybe it’s a welcome email for your eCommerce store.

It might be an email to wish your existing customers a happy birthday, or anniversary.

There are a number of ways you can use email automations to keep your customers engaged with you.

We’ve picked out five of our favourites here.

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